The NSS will be officially launched at Brighton on Monday 6th February 2017.

This NSS Briefing Note  has been prepared for distribution to all staff by the Strategic Planning Office.  It contains key information on:

  • Dates
  • Response rates
  • Promoting the survey and ‘inappropriate influence’
  • Your Voice Matters campaign – feeding back the feedback
  • New survey questions
  • Contacts and sources of useful information

This is particularity  important for tutors who teach final year students.  Please take the time to read the 2017 questions so you can understand exactly what questions the students will be answering.

One  simple way to promote the survey is to add a strap-line  to the  signature area on emails (see below) as we are often solving problems and answering questions – this reinforces that we are supporting students.

Strap-line on email responses to students – Calling all final year students please complete the National Student Survey (NSS): your contribution is very important 

How to create and add a signature to messages

The results of the NSS will be used as part of the metrics of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)