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Learning Analytics: Dashboard now live

This is a reminder that the full Learning Dashboard is now live for your students  More information Here

The release of the dashboard may trigger student queries about discrepancies between the data shown and their own records of attendance. We appreciate your help in reassuring students that this is pilot data which will not be used to assess them in any way.  As a reminder, this based on the attendance we are recording so again it is really important that we all use the electronic registers.  Average cohort data in particular may be skewed, for example as a result of different register taking practices by different seminar tutors.

Remember that Course Leaders and Personal Academic Tutors can use the Student Lookup via studentcentral to click through and access the dashboard and should start using this in PAT sessions.

Thank you


Your School Annual Learning & Teaching and Professional Support Staff Awards 2018/19

The third annual Learning and Teaching & Professional Staff Awards are open for nomination from the 5th November.

The Business School has a proud record of recognising and rewarding its teaching and professional support staff.  This year we will be presenting a total of eight £250 awards: four for Learning and Teaching and four for Professional Support.

New for 2018/19: one of the Learning and Teaching Awards has been co-sponsored by the BBS student Law Society, so if you want nominate a Law lecturer please use the separate form.

The process of entry is by anonymous nomination on-line. Please scroll down to the page to view all entry forms.

Nominations can be made by students or staff colleagues.

Learning & Teaching Awards

The nominations for Learning & Teaching Awards will be judged against each of the following criteria
  • Displays an active interest in and development of approaches to teaching that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn
  • Demonstrates commitment to and support for the development of students as individuals
  • Uses effective communication skills that engage students in the learning experiences
Annual Learning & Teaching Award Nominations 2018/19

Annual Learning & Teaching Award Nominations 2018/19

Annual Law Learning & Teaching Award Nominations (co-sponsored by BBS student Law Society) 2018/19

Annual Law Learning & Teaching Award Nominations (co-sponsored by BBS student Law Society) 2018/19


Professional Support Staff Awards

The nominations for Professional Support Staff Awards will be judged against each of the following criteria
  • Provides high quality work which either directly or indirectly supports staff, research and/or students
  • Provides high quality advice, guidance and support which enhances the student and staff experience
  • Regularly goes above and beyond their duties at an exceptionally high level which reflects the school and the university values of excellence
Annual Professional Support Staff Awards Nominations 2018/19

Annual Professional Support Staff Awards Nominations 2018/19

Nominations of all awards open Monday 5th November 2018
Nominations close Friday  19th January 2019
Winners announced TBC
The BBS student Law Society award will be presented at the Law Society Ball 26th January and we will recongise all our award winners at the Learning and Teaching conference on 5th July 2019  


Learning Analytics start of term update

Firstly – some stats!

The emojis are getting going – over 200 emojis recorded so far! 🤓 (clever) is winning – a good sign for the new term.

Photo Register is working – around 5000 students university-wide are having their attendance recorded each day!

BBS has distributed the student flyer  (see below). Ensuring the students know what this is all about is key to the project’s success

As a reminder, the full dashboard will be released by Mon Nov 5th – for students this is via a dashboard button on the emoji widget and for Personal Academic Tutors and Course Leaders this is via the Student Lookup tab on the top right hand side on studentcentral.

Photo Register

  • In BBS we are aware there has been/may still be some issues around groups -please persevere as recording attendance is critical
  • Photo Register with big cohorts was not loading so has been fixed so it now displays all the groups (not just the first 20)
  • Doctoral students who are teaching don’t see photo register (only ‘staff’), Katie and the team are aware of this. Once we understand the scale of this as an issue we will find a solution.

More help:

The Art of Management and Organisation (AOMO) 2018 Conference Blog Paul Levy

You can access Paul’s blog about the conference here

Paul also blogged about his keynote presentations at the 16th Conference on the Management and Innovative Technologies Conference 2018 in Izola, Slovenia here

Learning Analytics 2018: STARTS 1st Oct 2018

As previously discussed, there are a series of commitments we have made as a school. The ones that affect colleagues across the all courses both undergraduate and postgraduate are:

Attendance: attendance data must be stored via the PhotoRegister in a timely way (eg the day of the teaching). All staff teaching are committed to doing this is a list of courses BBS 2018 courses

Personal Academic student Tutorials: PATs are expected to use the data with your tutees in the tutorials. These slides show you how to access the dashboard for your students via the PAT Student Lookup.

The school will also need to play our part in the project evaluation and more details will follow on this.

Finally, to confirm launch dates: the emoji ‘How are you doing’ component is scheduled to launch for your students on Monday Oct 1st with the dashboard following on Mon Nov 5th (week 6).

We will distribute a leaflet to the students over the next two weeks.

Information about Personal Tutoring & Placement Supervision

Easter Monday now added to the Academic Calendar   

This is an example of ensuring that you are able to view the most recent documents,  links to documents are enbedded in the BBS Quality, Learning & Teaching Blog. This allows the links  to remind “live” if the document itself changes.  You can find the link to the blog on the main menu of My School: Business School Staff Area on studentcentral. The blog has a search function to help you locate information.

Personal Tutoring @BBS

Placement Supervison

Easter Monday now added to the Academic Calendar   

Placements Supervision Support DB319 Placement Project

Following the CDI changes have been made to DB319 Placement Project and the supervision.

Module Aims

  • Enable students to organise and conduct an agreed project in an organisational context.
  • Develop competencies in the use of appropriate analytical frameworks for critical analysis and problem solving in an organisational setting.
  • Encourage students to reflect on their placement role and experiences and on how these have contributed to their personal development, shaped their thinking about future careers and enhanced their employment prospects.

Learning Outcomes

LO1:   Identify a specific business project and frame an appropriate aim and set of objectives.

LO2:   Review and summarise an appropriate, focused range of published data (e.g. academic literature, company, trade and government publications).

LO3:   Propose a valid/feasible project design demonstrating a critical understanding of primary research techniques and research ethics.

LO4:   Analyse results and draw valid conclusions.

LO5:   Propose appropriate recommendations to the company or propose further investigation.

LO6:   Analyse and discuss personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to core competencies required by graduate employers (CMI award).

First Placement Conference – 9th November 2018

Proposal Formative Submission (please note this will be to be agreed/signed off by you as the supervisor before the student can progress to complete the project) – 21st Jan 2019

Second Placement Conference (to include formative project presentation) – 3rd May 2019

Project Submission – 28th October 2019 word count now 5000

Based on a great notes from Linda Health here are a few powerpoint slides “Set Expectations Early” About the supervison process.

More information is available in the placement handbook


  • Business Management + withs have an opportunity to register to recive Chartered Management Institute CMI Level 5 diploma in Leadership and Management which would enable them to add MCMI after their name on graduation (at an agreed fee)
  • If they do not complete the project will not be able to register for this award
  • The reflective element LO6 is completed in folio and is managed by myself and the placement office all students taking DB319 are encouraged to complete this element whatever the degree stream.
  • DB319P on studentcentral has a useful range of resources to support students (please let me know if you are a supervisor but DB319P does not appear as one of your modules)

Do not forget to complete Vist Report Form and the Health & Safety Form and return them to the Placement Office


Free content to support learning, teaching and research in Big Data and Digital Methods

Lots of great free and accessible resources including podcasts created by SAGE check them out and add them to your module’s reading list if appropriate.

Big Data and Digital Research Methods

3rd Annual BBS Learning and Teaching Conference 2018 on 6th July

Over 80 BBS staff participated in this years conference  at Grand Parade on Friday 6th July.  It it was great to hear from so many difference voices!!

The theme of this year’s conference was “the future of the Business School”.

Our two key note  presentations clearly laid out the challenges and ways  BBS can build on our strengths and create a future which is unique to us.

Toni Hilton – Head of Brighton Business School – “What is the future for Business Schools and how might we address that at BBS”

Katie Piatt  – e-Learning Services Manager, Jason Bailey & Marion Curdy– Learning Technologies Advisors – Learning Analytics the next steps for BBS

We  made the  presentations to the  2017/2018  Learning & Teaching Awards Winners: Rob Hayward, Bobby Kahlon, Cath Matthews,  Mona Rashidirad,  Asher Rospigliosi, Pascal Stiefenhofer  and  Professional Support Staff Awards Winners:  Stuart Bullen, Rachel Carver,  Donna Clarke, Lucy Fullbrook

If you want to contribute to the discussion around the BBS Mission and Vision, you can do so by adding comments to this page AACSB: Discussions 

Programme with links to the content 

Date for your diary

10th September – Module Delivery Day – the aim will be again to collaborate ensuring a consistent approach to implementing changes to modules post CDI.

AACSB: Discussions

Subject groups and professional staff groups will be discussing  the opportunities for staff to contribute and participate with developing and enhancing our mission statement.

Please read the document below as background and guidance,  we are looking to identify distinctive words or phrases that convey our purpose, values, commitments, student outcomes and positioning with regard to business, the professions, and society more broadly around which mission and vision statements might be constructed and add as comments. 

The timeline for this would be the end of June

Mission and Vision review

Reading the critical accounts from the CDI  may also be useful, these are available on the  curriculum design workspace

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