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Schmoosing my way to success…

The idea of work experience was first introduced to me during secondary school where I had fortunately also decided that the legal route was the route for me. And so the beginnings of my work experience began when I kept in contact with my interviewer from ‘Business Back to School Day’ and visited the solicitors…

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Magna Carta Essay / legal Aid

Is the Magna Carta more honoured in the breach? Three clauses of the Magna Carta are extant, remaining clauses having been repealed by more recent Acts. One of the remaining is Clause 29 which provides for the administration of justice and includes the declaration, ‘not to deny or defer to any person either justice or…

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Negotiation competition 2014 student blog Declan McCardle

I’m very happy that I took part in the negotiation workshops and competition. The workshops provided the opportunity to learn valuable skills for the future, whilst the competition provided the opportunity to put these skills into practice and forced us to think on our feet. Another excellent benefit will be the work experience given by…

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Negotiation competition 2014 student blog Dewi Jones

I was not sure what to expect when I took part in this year’s negotiation competition. I thought it was just going to be an interesting competition to participate in. The workshops were really helpful with regards to what a negotiation actually includes and also how to actually partake in a successful negotiation. The skills…

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Negotiation competition 2014 Student blog Lucy H

I am so glad that I got involved in the negotiation competition. The supportive and encouraging way in which the group was run really helped me to feel confident going into the actual negotiation sessions. The practice workshops covered the basic principles behind negotiation, however the emphasis was firmly placed on putting these into practice…

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Client Interviewing Competition

  This year was the third year of the Gerard Maye Legal Client Interviewing Competition at the University of Brighton.  Prior to the competition, students took part in a series of client interviewing workshops. The workshops, led by Law Lecturer Jeanette Ashton, covered communication styles, active and passive listening, question techniques, advising the client on…

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University of Brighton Student Success at Law Competition Finals

December 2014 – The University of Brighton hosted two competition finals for its law students in association with DMH Stallard and McMillan Williams solicitors and Gerard Maye Legal Services. Negotiation Competition                                                                                    The University of Brighton Negotiation Competition 2014-2015 saw students from Law with Business, Law with Criminology and the Postgraduate Diploma…

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Judge praises students’ work in overturning conviction on Innocence Project

UK judge praises students for helping overturn murder conviction Ex-gang member Dwaine George’s conviction for 2001 murder quashed after Cardiff University law students took up case The Guardian,              Tuesday 9 December 2014 12.22 GMT Sir Brian Leveson, president of the Queen’s bench division, paid tribute to the work of the Innocence Project at Cardiff…

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Advocacy at Sussex

What an amazing experience! Well, that wasn’t my initial reaction. At first, I thought ‘This is scary! Why did I even volunteer?’ The jurors were called to the Jury meeting room and it was announced that someone was needed to act as the defendant which I volunteered to do on the condition I was allowed…

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Placements: A One Year Delay or a Head Start? – By Polly Jackson, LLB with Business Placement Student

“Do a placement.” That is a phrase that was drummed into me even before I started my degree at the University of Brighton in 2012. As a Law student, I had always been concerned that doing a placement year in a field outside of Law might hold me back and delay my further educational path,…

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Oscar Pistorius

By Dewi Jones. I do not know about any of you but I find it absolutely astonishing that in this day and age murder only gets you a five year sentence. I am of course talking about Mr Oscar Pistorius. I know it was a case from a country where the rules are different from…

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Client Interviewing Skills workshops 2014/15

Tuesday 21 October marked the start of three client interview workshops occurring over the next month. We began the session by brainstorming different qualities we felt were positive and negative when carrying out a client interview. This led on aptly to a talk from Alexandra Stott, a Claimant Personal injury Solicitor from LA Law in…

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