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As part of Brighton Business School’s engagement work, Steve Reeve (CIMER) and Mark Hughes (CROME), visited the Local Government Staff Commission (LGSC) Northern Ireland in December.  They attended the LGSC’s conference themed around ‘Transformation – The Future Agenda’.  The terms of reference for the LGSC over the past forty years have been to exercise: ‘general oversight of matters connected with the recruitment, training and terms and conditions of employment of officers of councils and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and of making recommendations to councils and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive on such matters.’ At the end of March 2017, the LGSC will be dissolved having successfully completed its objectives.

Steve and Mark have been working long term with the LGSC advising upon best practices in terms of facilitating strategic change and transformation in local government.  The conference was the final conference the LGSC will be facilitating. Steve as one of the invited speakers spoke to the conference audience about what had been achieved in terms of the action research orientation of the LGSC’s work and commended them on what they had achieved.  During a packed conference schedule, Steve and Mark and the Chief Executive of the LGSC Dr Adrian Kerr took time out to meet with Director of Operations Mr Claus to discuss an imminent delivery project

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Joshua Callarman • December 12, 2016

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