Well done Rahgu

Raghu successfully completed his viva for his thesis defense and passed with corrections. Hir project focused on the development and application of novel supramolecular structures pillararenes and their application in electrochemical sensors for detection of metal ions and biogenic amines.

Sensor fecal pellet: provided new insight into the role of mucosal serotonin

Work by various members of the team have let to the development and application of an electrochemical fecal pellet sensor that could track serotonin signalling in the bowel and colonic motility. This study funded by EPSRC provides vital insight into the function of the bowel the role serotonin plays.

Findings shows that mucosal serotonin released from enterochromaffin cells was responsible for initiating colonic motility and therefore plays a significant role in fecal pellet transit

See this pioneering study, titled Electrochemical fecal pellet sensor for simultaneous real-time ex vivo detection of colonic serotonin signalling and motility and punished in Scientific Reports