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Before designing my CV, I wanted to look into ways that I could clearly yet creatively present myself in a form of a CV/resume. Within the creative industries, its really important to make yourself stand out and come across as unique and I feel that your CV is one of the most important factors as it is your ‘first impression’ to a new employer.

My previous CV’s have always had lots of detail about previous education, experiences and employment which needs to be minimised to fit onto one page and be easily read by potential employers. A CV is the first opportunity you get to show off your character to an employer or agency therefore layout and picking out the most important details are necessary. Whilst researching online, I found 6 examples that stood out to me in various different ways.


Figure 31 uses a very specific colour palette as well as details including text boxes, lines and shapes. I really liked the unique layout but it wasn’t overly easy to read so I think more simplistic would be better for my own CV. I’m also not sure about having an image on a CV, I think it is only important for jobs that appearance effects i.e. model profiles etc.

Figure 33 also uses an image but the layout is very simplistic yet full of character. I have always had my CV in black and white only but I feel that the colour allows personality to show. The artistic, well thought through layout also shows the employer personal artistic fair which I feel is very important.

I think that Figure 35 is extremely professional, clean and easy to read. The name and specialism both being at the top allows the reader to know exactly who and what they specialise in. I also really admired the use of a logo (also seen in figure 32). Along with the font and colour styles, a logo can complete the branding, making all of someones work recognisable and personalised.

In all of these examples, the rule of thirds has been applied with less detailed information being placed in the first third of the page, with profile details, work experience and skill set in the second and third section. This neatens the page and tells the employer exactly where the most importance information lies.

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