Business Card Development

After some experimentation, I decided on the style and colours that I thought best represented myself and started playing around with different layouts. The initial style I liked but I thought was a little boring, I also thought the mixture of the peach with the red and mustard didn’t really work great together, so I then made the background slightly lighter. I decided that I quite liked the AW initial logo being on the front, and wanted to design a logo that could be used throughout the rest of my portfolio branding. I played around with shapes and text to see what worked best. I also wanted the text to match on the back of the business card, along with my specialism and contact information. I wanted this to look unique and stylish yet quite simple, so people could easily read and access the information they needed. 

I eventually chose a design that I thought best represented myself and decided to again play with colours to see what colours and style looked most professional. Despite being advised that a white background may look more sophisticated, I think that the slightly peach background not only presents my character but also makes my branding slightly more unique and recognisable.

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