Exams and Revision

These pages are designed to introduce you to how to prepare for and succeed in exams at university – from how to sharpen your memory to how to feel calm on the day. Exams are fairly stressful for most of us, but they don’t have to be unbearable. Some of the most common anxieties and problems are caused by a confusion about what exams are for.

Exams are NOT designed:

  • To test your ability to memorise facts
  • To ensure a certain number of students fail
  • To make you feel bad

Instead, they are :

  • A way to ensure that you are familiar with what you’ve studied.
  • A chance for you to use your knowledge and think about the course as a whole.
  • A way to concentrate the mind. Pressure can sometimes be constructive!

Most of the advice here relates to the kind of examination where you are required to write essay-type answers. However, the general principles relate equally to other formats such as multiple choice or practical examinations.