Are you ready?

Getting organised

Organisation is the key to studying successfully at university – and the responsibility for this now rests with you. Your course tutors will advise you, but they won’t keep reminding you what you need to do – and with a much higher proportion of independent study time, it is easy to get behind with your reading and coursework. You will need to decide how much work to do, how you will organise this, which books to read and how much time to spend on each assignment.

6 practical tips to get started:

Use a diary or an online calendar that you can input your weekly routine and teaching timetable into (timetables will be available once you have arrived). This will help you to ensure you plan your time in advance and get a good worklife balance.

Mentally prepare yourself for the new level of independent study that will be expected of you – start thinking about what your goals are and how you are going to achieve them.

Start reading around your subject; you could do some research online or go to your local library or bookstore to familiarise yourself with some of the books and authors who publish in your field of interest.

Use a folder to store all correspondence from the University of Brighton, and add all the information you will receive from welcome week.

Make a packing list of all the things you need to bring with you if you are moving into accommodation.

Check out our top student technology tips, which guide you through the different technologies that will be important for your studies.


Get into a routine – same time, same place for your studying, get into a good studying habit.

Use the Assignment Survival Kit from the University of Kent, once you get your first essay to make sure you meet your deadline!

NUS advice on managing your time as a student