How to run a successful Facebook competition – James – Wragg

Promotional campaigns have been used frequently within traditional marketing. They represent a flexible marketing tool that can be used to pursue a variety of strategic and tactical objectives (Peattie, Peattie and Emafo, 1997) Because – lets face it, who doesn’t like the opportunity to win a prize?

The inclusion of the intent and the advent of eWom means that promotional competitions can be shared via social media easily – not just directly to a customer, but from participant to participant. This has lead to a resurgence within competitions and they are often strewn across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With the large volume of these competitions, what do the good ones have in common? Are all competitions created equally? Will my competition fail!?

Fear not intrepid reader, all will be explained within this article.

via How to run a successful Facebook competition – James – Wragg.

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