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Assistant Practitioner / Nursing Associate
Photograph of Becky Chard

Nursing Associate Higher Apprenticeship

Becky was working away on placement as part of her apprenticeship with the University of Brighton when she was recalled to her main role at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. She is now taking on extra responsibilities to support more senior healthcare colleagues, which include making phone calls and sending personal…

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Nursing Associate apprentice Kathy Boult and course leader Mark Lees
healthcare employer giving an interview

Employers: Why nursing apprenticeships work for our staff

The new nursing apprenticeships are helping healthcare assistants develop their skills and bring new experience back to their community roles.

three nursing associate employers on ward

Employers: New opportunities for Nursing Associates

Employers of the new Nursing Associates explain how the qualification is great for the healthcare sector and how it gives students entering the field exciting new opportunities.

nursing associate on ward

Learning as an Apprentice Nursing Associate

Our Apprentice Nursing Associates explain what they are learning on their apprenticeship: how they are developing their skills and how this is having an impact on their work. University of Brighton Lecturers Rebecca Diego and Rebecca Craig tell us about the core modules.

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