Elisabetta Franchi

Throwback in time! While editing my Portfolio, I have found photographs I took in summer 2016!

One of my favorite Editorials I did, my best friend Anastasia modeling for me in Elisabetta Franchi outfits. On a beautiful location on Hotel London in Odessa.

The main reason why I am posting this is that I remembered a technique I used to create these images. These are digital photos that were printed out and scanned again onto the computer to get an effect of an old photograph. I definitely should do it again sometime!


Totally forgot about this stunning session I did for the previous project, to do with Animal Rights!

This is an Editorial inspired by Animals, to be exact with gorgeous horses!

When I was younger I used to do horse riding, which means I am so in love with these creatures…

And by the way, the red coat that the model’s wearing is fake fur coat of the brand called NOFURCOAT which is based in Berlin. They have sent me this coat over especially for this photoshoot, and while shooting I fell in love with the piece and bought it for myself!

Model: Anastasia Silkina

MakeUp artist: Anastasia Silkina

She is a makeup artist by profession, but I find her face interesting, so I invited her for a photoshoot.

We found these horses on the countryside, and it took us an hour and a half of ride by car to get there just to take pictures!

Female Logger

Remember the T-shirts that I have printed for some of my Editorial shootings??

Here is one of them in action!

Female Logger, Feminist and Beautiful Natalia.

Long story short, when I organize shootings I always text Elena (the model agent) from ArtPodium Agency in Odessa, and ask her if she could give me some girls for the shoot, but this time, when I told her what is the shooting and told her that it is about Feminist Activists, she said it would be better for me to invite someone older, than the usual girls/models. Usually models are about 15-20 years old. Elena offered me some of her female friends and one of them was Natalia that I liked! I am happy I invited her for this Editorial, as her the look in her eyes is very deep and conscious!

Turned out Natalia is a Fashion designer, here in Ukraine! She creates funny T-shirts, with funny sarcastic sayings! I also loved the fact how ready she was for this Editorial, she even bought an overall especially for this shooting! So, I definitely would say that she was everything, THE STYLIST, THE MODEL, THE MAKEUP ARTIST!

#Adoremyjob So happy meeting great artists and creative people everyday!


Here is the result of an MM6 Advertorial Shooting last week!

To be honest I am not 100 percent satisfied with this shooting and the model, but I can not go back in time and change anything 🙁

But if I could, I would definitely search for another location.

Loving the clothes, especially the oversized Maison Margiella Denim Jacket, I tried it on a couple of times during the shooting, I wish I could afford it.   – WORK WORK WORK

Anna Daki

While being on my laptop and searching for some pictures, I have found a photograph I took of Anna Daki, when I assisted her in Berlin a year ago! Can not believe it’s been a year!

I absolutely love this picture, because of the lighting, I have used two lights from each side, but put some color filter on the lights to create such an effect!

This is a reminder for myself to use such lighting effect somehow again!


For the second Advertorial we invited another model from ArtPodium Ukraine, and Irina did some beautiful makeup, blue eyeshadows are gorgeous!

This time the full look is going to be Maison Marginal, completely opposite to the previous one. Because this time its going to be white and it is going to be a tracksuit!


For one of my Advertorial Shootings for FMP, I have decided to create #METOO look.

The Me Too movement (or “#MeToo“, with local alternatives in other languages) is an international movement against sexual harassment and assault.  #MeToo spread  virally in October 2017 as a hashtag used on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. It followed soon after the public revelations of sexual misconduct allegations  against Harvey Weinstein.

Thankfully, one of my friends owns a very nice shop called RICH CONCEPT STORE in Odessa, they sell a lot of high fashion brands. It was not the first time she saved my life, when I needed clothing for a shooting. But this time she gave us a very beautiful back coat designed by Elisabetta Franchi. MeTOO women only wear BLACK.


And here is a backstage situation on the pictures below. Some unusual place to put makeup on, a little bit uncomfortable, but it worth it.

Going for a shooting outside!



Sometimes on shooting days I ask my assistant to take pictures of me as well, so that I have something to post on my instagram page!

Usually, I am unhappy with the way I look on the pictures, as I am not a model, I have no idea how to pose and I don’t even know if I have a #chocolateside!

For those, who are interested – my favorite photographer is Peter Lindbergh! Because he barely retouches his photographs, he loves to keep it natural. Also, his black and white is GORGEOUS! 

She & Him

Here is the result of our small team!

I am also super proud of myself on this one, because, as well as the previous one, I have tried to use as less photoshop as possible, and try not to over-retouch photographs.. As you can see on this portrait, model’s face is super clean and clear. And you can also see the natural bits of his skin and small facial hair.


For this photo I have used one of my new lenses Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art, very happy with the way it blends the corners of the photo and sharpens some parts of the face.

She & Him at cookie studio

She & Him is the name of this beauty editorial that we have created!

This one was also inspired by Feminism itself… And the main idea was to show what feminist man looks like! Obviously, I have done way too much research and I was overthinking every part of it, and then I stopped myself and thought to myself : “LETS DO IT!”. Even though I was afraid of how it is going to look like, I was happy with the result at the end of the day!

Oh, and yea! This is a model that I have met on Odessa Fashion Week, and I have posted a picture of this guy before! As I said I’d like him to be a part of my project, here he is now!


And obviously, talented Irina Zatorskaya doing makeup!

We have decided to paint his face red as it is, first of all, the colour of #REVOLUTION! FEMINIST AND PROUD OF IT!

La Fleur

That was a beauty editorial called La Fleur! Also, inspired by Feminism.

As feminists barely like to wear makeup, we have decided to create a nude look and put some flowers on model’s face, so that it looks natural and powerful. I believe, nature is very powerful AND BEAUTIFUL.


MakeUp artist Irina Zatorskaya! – She is my favorite makeup artist in Odessa! And she is a gorgeous person inside and out, it is always a big please to work with her! Always getting stunning results!



Also, I guess it is the first time I did not use a lot of photoshop. As I am still a beginner(do not consider myself as a professional), I sometimes OVERretouch pictures. It happens, when you stare at your computer screen 10 hours in a raw retouching , most likely you would #overdoit… And I am literally around of myself this time, as I tried my best to keep the models face as natural as possible!

Cookie Studio Odessa

Here is some backstage situation!

So happy being here everytime!

Love #cookiestudio! And this fresh green background! #mood

And by the way, most of the times I shoot with two soft boxes on the sides. So this is how backstage usually looks. I do not like changing the light so often, because I believe that every photographer should have his/her own style. By changing the lights – you get a different kind of picture.

Sometimes, I just turn one of the soft boxes off, to create a strong shadow on a models face.

Oh, and this is my assistant sitting on the window on the left side of the studio!


Luckily enough I became a really good friend of a model agent from ArtPodium Ukraine. We have started working together about a year ago, and she really loves my portfolio and Go-see shootings that I do for them. She always invites me to events and cocktail parties, even though she is 20 years older than me. I really appreciate when people treat me this way.

So this time Model Agent Elena invited me to a Fashion Week that was going on in Odessa. And I came there not for clothing, but for models. After each show I search for beautiful and interesting faces I could take portraits of!

So, I met this model ( ooooops can’t remember his name). And I thought to myself I am going to take pictures of him for my Final Major Project! As I really liked his face. #Newfaces


Well, this is the backstage from the photoshoot called RIOT GIRL!

Riot grrrl is an underground feminist punk movement that began in the early 1990s in Washington state (particularly Olympia) and the greater Pacific Northwest! It also had origins in Washington, D.C. It is a subcultural movement that combines feminist consciousness and punk style and politics.[4] It is often associated with third-wave feminism, which is sometimes seen as having grown out of the Riot Grrrl movement. It has also been described as a musical genre that came out of Indie Rock, with the punk scene serving as an inspiration for a musical movement in which women could express themselves in the same way men had been doing for the past several years.

So here are two models, whose names I forgot, but they are from ArtPodium model agency and Irina, who is actually a makeup artist herself, I asked her if she could pose for me, because she actually reminds me of a Riot Girl, as she has so many tattoos, even though you can not see the on these pictures!

ArtDirector Anna Mazurenko

Style Anna Mazurenko

MakeUp artist Irina Zatorskaya


Finally MY PROTEST photoshoot has ended!

Here is a little bit of a backstage situation.

Model Anna Palamarchuk

MakeUp Artist Nika Lefterieva

ArtDirector ME!


It was totally crazy and hard finding a woman who would agree to pose topless. I asked so many people around, then created some posts on social media, so many people commented and asked whats going on and what is the project about, but no body agreed to pose naked. BUT ANNA! She was the only one who messaged me and said she would do it, but only if I will not post them pictures anywhere as she has a very strict husband, so I would say Anna is definitely not a Feminist and that is the funniest part of this photoshoot I guess!


And by the way, I am soon in love with this studio which is located in Odessa Ukraine!


For the Final Major Project I have decided to do FEMINISM. I was never an activist, but fells like I am becoming one now:)

For some of my already planned photoshoots I have printed a couple of T-shirts with Feminist Slogans, as I believe it is going to look strong on the pictures. My favorite one is ” The Future is Female” and “Grrrl Power” as it associates with the RIOT GIRLS.

After I finish the project I will definitely wear these T-shirts myself:)


Here is the backstage from the Advertorial that I did for Activism project. As I have chosen to do Animal Rights, I have found a clothing brand that only designs ECO clothing and considers itself as Ethical Fashion. The Brand is called UliUlia, it is based in Ukraine, and I had a great chance to get some of their pieces to work with and use in the photoshoot.

I have emailed the Brand and sent them my portfolio saying I’m doing a project and I would love to shoot some of their clothes and they happily sent me a couple of skirts and dresses made of reworked Denim.

Also I was the stylist of this photoshoot and half of the clothing was from my own wardrobe. Turtleneck CLOSED, T-Shirt Ksenia Schnaider, Pullover Tommy Jeans.

MakeUp artist: Irina Zatorskaya.

The Black Swan

Backstage from the Beauty Editorial called the Peacock and the Black Swan.

All inspired by Animals and Animal Rights.

MakeUp artist: Anastasia Silkina

Models: Yana Lavrova and Marianna Svidrigailova

Model agency: ArtPodium Ukraine

Editorial was shot in Odessa Ukraine

I used two soft boxes on the sides to create an image.This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative. This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative. This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

ctmas000020_d02_540h450wGoth outfit worn by  Paula Huntbach impressed me the most out of all the other pieces in ‘History and Collections’ part of Brighton Museum.

That print at the back of Paula’s jacket is The tree of life by Gustav Klimt. It is an important symbol used by many theologies, philosophies and mythologies. It signifies the connection between heaven and earth and the underworld. Klimt(July 14, 1862 – February 6, 1918)is one of my favorite artists,he was the symbolist painter from Austria. I have been interested in his works since I was a kid and seeing one of his famous paintings on the simple leather jacket made it special for me.  And what makes it even more interesting is that Paula Huntbach printed ‘The tree of life’ on this jacket herself. “You hadn’t gone out and just bought the look from a shop, you’d adapted, bought bits of lace, dyed and sewn them up together, created one’s own unique look.” said Paula. (1980)

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