James’ deja-vu moment

Proud dad Kim Morris picked up his son for his graduation photograph – 22 years after being snapped holding the same son as a toddler at mum’s graduation.

James Morris, 23, graduated with a BA(Hons) in Applied Psychology and Criminology from the University of Brighton last week and the family struck the same pose taken when his mother Ruth gained her masters in Management Development from Salford University.

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Lucy’s creative journey

Textile designer Lucy Jamieson graduated in 2003 with a BA(Hons) in Visual Culture. She shares her experience and what her course has helped her achieve.

“The opportunity to study art and design history through the ages greatly informed and enhanced my own creative practice; which pre-dated my academic studies, continued throughout my course and now takes the form of textile designs, experimenting with different materials and styles with a view to illustration and occasional forays into theatre/cinematic design. Continue reading

Big up Brighton alumni!

A massive thank you is in order to our wonderful alumni volunteers! Throughout the last year (January 2016–2017) 350 graduates shared their time, advice and wealth of experience with current students.

By remaining involved with the university, you, our vital alumni volunteers, have supported and inspired current students and fellow alumni. Through a range of volunteering activities, you have demonstrated your skills learnt during and since leaving the University of Brighton. What a brilliant way to develop your own talents, to show pride in your achievements and help others to achieve success too!

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