Batty about inclusivity

There is a tangible community ethos about Brighton Table Tennis Club (BTTC) (Registered Charity Number 1160103), which was co-founded by Brighton alumnus Tim Holtam (Graduate Teaching Programme 2011) in February 2007.

Tim started the club with fellow former international Table Tennis player, Harry McCarney, as they were keen to share their love of the sport with local disadvantaged young people in Brighton. The club has grown from its modest beginnings with two broken old tables to an umbrella organisation overseeing over 100 tables across the city, and over 1,000 people playing table tennis every week. Continue reading

All-time high for Brighton graduate employability

The number of University of Brighton graduates finding work or moving on to further study after completing their studies has hit its highest ever level. 

According to the latest annual figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, more than nine out of 10 graduates who completed their first degree in 2014–15 were in employment or further study, with over 70 per cent employed at a managerial and professional level. 


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Goody Gumdrops!

Love it or hate it, chewing gum tops the list for one of the most loathsome substances to remove from floors, pavements, clothing, etc. Inconsiderate disposal of the chewy stuff has long been a public nuisance. It actually became a banned substance in Singapore in 1992, and whilst the law was relaxed in 2004, chewing gum littering still carries heavy penalties.

While it is still tolerated in the UK, graduate Anna Bullus (3D Design BA(Hons) 2007) has been on a mission to tackle the sticky problem of gum littering.

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