Sweet ambition

You never know what life has in store for you, but you can control how you respond to unexpected curveballs. One alumna who knows all about picking herself up and starting again is alumna Martha Davies (Architecture BA(Hons) 2010).

Martha Davies 2

Martha’s career aspirations were on track when she began her architecture degree at the University of Brighton in 2005. She also had a sideline enterprise to help support herself during her studies by baking and selling cakes for local pubs.

However, halfway through her studies, Martha noticed a small lump growing on her neck. Over the next three years, the lump grew to the size of a walnut which her doctor treated as a benign tumour and arranged to have surgically removed. Although the procedure was routine, Martha was advised of all the potential side effects of the surgery, which included the possibility of incurring a stroke. Continue reading