week 7

Today was the first seminar lead by students that I attended and it was our group that presented it. We spent a lot of time organising it and doing bits before the seminar so we had to unfortunately miss the lecture.

The topics at hand were digital privacy, privacy and identity theft. We spoke extensively about each one and then had the other students in the seminar essentially “stalk” Maria to see what kind of information they can find in the space of 5 minutes and compare it to all the information we found over the past couple weeks. This is where it got interesting, one of the students just closed her laptop as she felt uncomfortable doing this task which was a prime example of the point we are trying to make, there is so much information about each of us on the internet that has built up over time that anybody can more or less find out our whole life story if they tried.

We then went on to discuss to whom privacy online is more important, an individual or an organisation, people had different views but we all ended up coming to the general agreement that since organisations have many people behind the scenes they benefit more as a whole since they protect not only data of the company but data of the employees. Another point made was that an individuals privacy in that respect is also as important depending on their social capital and following, the more eyes you have on you the more you would want to keep details of your life private.

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