Final film edits

This film is a conversation around mental health and the pandemic, it shows the journey each item goes on to be handmade along with a personal journey of growth.

Larnz convo -blog

This is a short promotional film displaying a journey of how an item is made whilst also representing a story of kindness and connection during the pandemic.

short advert final music Larnz@home

This is the first version i edited and is slightly longer but should not have lost quality once the link is followed to Vimeo.

Over all, i think being able to cut down the information and footage was the biggest challenge for me because often i think information is taken in better in smaller clips so i thought it was important to show a version that could be used similarly to an advert, however , i enjoyed making the slightly longer ones and feel this is more suited to my project as it not rushed and the viewer can be more mindful when thinking about the film and taking in the information.

FMP Ideas

Whilst thinking about my fmp i have had a few different ideas as to how i want to approach it. One being a collation of short videos to make a series surrounding mental health, this could be lots of voices ideas and conversations layered over some visuals .I am concerned that my work revolves a lot around meeting people so i may figure out a way of only using audio.I will research into healing and plants as the visual element of the film which can be used as a metaphor for growth and journey. Another idea is to speak to specific individuals and tell a more detailed journey giving my interviewees an identity which i think is a good way to connect with an audience if you can see yourself in someone you are watching. I initially wanted to use creatives to showcase a creative journey alongside the conversation like how i have been experimenting with in this project but i will see depending on who i can speak too and how comfortable everyone feels. Finally i would like to take portraits of the people i speak to which represent hope and happiness. I also want to show the comparison of people looking happy whilst talking about something serious to represent the hidden journeys people go on and often can not tell through the versions of themselves people represent. I want to show identity so the interviewees are not defined purely by their mental health which is how people can feel when suffering but this is something which i find uncomfortable to discuss often therefore i know others might. I felt inspired by Susan Meiselas ’20 dirhams or one photo’ through giving the models choice and control over their decisions so will find a way to bring this forward with me to fmp. My aim will be to create a hopeful and relatable body of work.


When i started my project i felt as if my audience would be around 18-23 women who use instagram as a tool to buy fashion, they were still conscious consumers and wanted to help small businesses as i wanted my work to be based around sustainability and the product. I feel this is still partly true but i think now my audience will be those who are trying to move away from a world based around social media and are doing what they can do be more mindful of their mental health and making conscious decisions to stay off apps which could make this worse. Gen Z are an audience who are consumed by technology but they are also much more aware of social issues and  although i feel my work will be important to reach those of different ages as their are mental health problems at all ages, it often it is important to try and change the the information on these social media channels to make it a healthier place to be. I will consider this as i go through the process and learn from who i am speaking too whilst narrowing now my target market.

Interview Filming

Whilst doing the interview process It was interesting to have these conversations and they immediately became moments I knew would work with the footage. It can sometimes be an uncomfortable topic even with friends and as it’s not something often do, I tried to make Alana feel as comfortable as possible on camera so we could speak as openly as we usually would. Whilst editing the clips down I was finding it challenging to specify what were the most important parts of the journey we spoke about and managed to get the footage down to 3 minuets, but ideally I want to try and make some shorter versions which could be explored more as advertising. By having the contrasing journeys I hope to have evoked different emotions and feelings of something a lot of people can relate too.



As it is my first time filming anything I was apprehensive if it would be something I could do well. I like capturing journeys through photography and I enjoy promotional films for brands that often have deeper meaning to them as I think it’s beneficial for the brands and the consumers. I used a DSLR camera and I took as much footage as I could to show the process of this item being made. I was unsure whether to use a camera or my phone as i was using a tripod which was for both. Being able to zoom and capture smaller details in higher quality made me decide to use the DSLR.The lighting worked out a lot better than I had originally thought it would , it is quite dark in my living room and the space is very small so there were obstacles to get around but these shots became more about the materials and fabrics which I enjoyed picking up on the details of this.I also wanted to show personality and happiness in the footage as I want this to be an uplifting film.Through my research I have learnt that marketing on this side of covid is more about focusing on new ways of representing brands and designers through going back to the roots and finding out a way of showcasing what is important, as this mindset has changed for a lot of people. One particular mindset is how important mental health is and I am interested in exploring the taboo in a creative way.

After filming I wanted to practice piecing together the footage and creating a journey through with an inspiring and uplifting feel to it. The first challenge for me was filtering through all the footage and choosing what shots worked best alongside one another, I am using Imovie which is surprisingly easier than I thought it would be but got much easier once I had practised and learnt the basics. I think this took away from being able to reflect on the details and mood of the process as I was learning a lot but next time I hope I can be more particular about things as I will understand more from the start.

Alana is a young black female designer who deserves the platform to be creative and explore her passion for design, I chose a song which lyrically represented and visually reflected the emotion and tone of the music at each stage. This was something I found interesting as the footage changed a lot the more I worked on the timing of the sound which I will take through to next part of this project with the conversation. The next step will be to film a conversation which I want to be about who the designer is but also the journey of mental health she’s been on as this brand was born in the pandemic I think we can discuss how this helped her.Whilst watching the footage with the song layered over, I knew I wanted the the film to be about a positive journey which allowed me to ask questions in the interview and piece together what I thought would give the best message.


Research shoot

I have become more clear as to where i want the direction of my project to go with concept and story telling . I have been looking at what short films have been inspiring me to display process but i want to focus more on a concept what could help people with how they are feeling throughout the pandemic. I was struggling being in the house and with my mental health so i decided to go on a long walk which then turned into a photoshoot. I had spoken about mental health and individual journeys in my tutorial and i wanted to focus more on how to portray this. I started taking photographs of the things i could see that told a story of the people in the houses and what could make the images vibrant in a mundane block of flats. I took most the photographs on an iPhone for research as i hadn’t fully planned the shoot which upon reflection i think could have been better quality if i had used my camera. However , i feel i was able to capture what i wanted from the images and once edited i was happy with the end result. I also feel there was more meaning to them for myself i produced them when i didn’t think i would. I would liked to have spent more time on each image but it was interesting to come home and see what i had captured whilst being in the moment. This also gave me the time to reflect on my project and focus more on the outcome i wanted which will be about each persons individual journey. I am interested in looking into mindfulness and how things have changed because of the pandemic.




Larnz@home designer shoot

Although i like these images for instagram content and i feel it can show different personalities and styles of a woman , i realised this is not the direction i want to go in for the photography of my project. i want to progress into more authentic photography which shows the details of someone’s identity with glamourising it.


First shoot

I started to think about the different audiences to market a product too and have started off by experimenting with a more luxury campaign. The modelling was more serious and striking and the scenery was eye catching. The only time slot i could book for the conservatory was in the evening so the lighting was difficult. The first photographs i took on the bridge turned out to be my favourite. The angles setting and lighting worked well together and the specific plant in the background had a sheen to it giving the image a textures feel.  inI then tried to find interesting plants or areas with colour to enhance the shot but i didn’t have very long before it was dark. I am going to edit them and play with collage to see whether i can come out with an original outcome. This could definitely be used for an instagram campaign but i will annalyse what audience for once i have finished editing.

I have been experimenting with logos and instagram grids to help define the brand but feel as if i want to move into a different form of communication. In a tutorial this week i was given some sources for film. This is something i wanted to attempt but its not something i know a lot about. The short films i looked into are showing the process and beauty of making items. I have started to realise that i have been slightly disconnected with my project and i think i need to think a bit more about what i really want from it. I was asked whether i cared more about showcasing the product or the reasons why i am working on this. I instantly knew i wanted to show more about process and meaning but was worried how i would convey this.I am going to start researching into short film and and focus more on story telling. I may go back to thinking about how i felt in the pandemic and use this as a way to inspire people through the marketing. Looking at mental health but also finding a way of doing good through promotion whilst showcasing the brand.



Week 3- Research

A true cost is a documentary which taught me a lot about fast fashion. It showcased the workers who are being exploited how the chemicals are affecting the environment and specific third world countries a lot worse. which is where the clothes are being made for the western world. There is unsafe conditions and i can only imagine how much worse this was when covid happened. I have also looked into how the thrifting and second hand industry has become over filled therefore more is getting sent to landfill. I have started to focus in on different versions of sustainability and what they mean. Some are trying to change their carbon footprint others use sustainably sourced items. Some focus in on giving back through the purchase and others such as selfridges have launched a campaign to borrow clothes. I like the idea of thinking about the process of making the clothes and where they have come from so moving away from fast fashion and feeling excited about buying something, which may have taken longer for you to receive but the consumer doesn’t mind because there is a story and a meaning to it. I have also started looking at competitors in my sketch book and how they market their products. I am thinking about how i want the brand to look visually but i am still unsure exactly what shoots to do.

in response to this, I bought a dazed and confused to give me inspiration for collage which helped me start creating things. i wanted to practise on photoshop as I have not used it for a long time and decided to use an ironic and bold approach to showcase this issue. It is not something that I want to primarily focus on to progress myself but I do think it can be a valuable way to reach a consumer. I have also started experimenting with logos but I think It is making me realise I need to experiment with different forms of promotion so I feel more inspired.

One i have planned for a starting point is at the conservatory in East London. It is a big green house full of plants so the model will be surrounded by nature. The mask shown is up-cycled from a sofa cover and a range of other items that she has made. I have created a mood board in my sketch book as I wanted to thread in some cultural meaning to the shoot. As I have been living with the girl who’s bag business I am basing my project around we have learnt more about each others identity and it has made me want to put some time into showcasing her as a designer as well as the product.

Week 2- Research

My initial inspiration and responses are being based around photography and collage. I have been looking into how publications have coped and ideas people have had to market their products. I have always been interested in events and something i would potentially like to do is create a sustainable event to showcase the bags. I like the idea of sourcing fabrics people are going to throw away and giving the customer a choice of what they want their bag to be made of . I would like it to be more of an experience which gives a longevity and meaning to the product. I think i will leave this till after christmas but want to keep it in mind.

My dissertation is being based around how marketing adapted to covid and the positive change it could have. I am interested in how slowing things and thinking outside the box is beneficial therefore has made me think about the brand ethics of my project. Using collage is a way of giving a photograph depth though the editing process and limiting travelling around. i want to start looking at target market which i think will be around 18-25 . I think it’s important to be light hearted and positive as we have had such a heavy year.I will try to look at a different audiences for experimentation also to see what would work best.

To start my project i am using My friends business Larnz@home as a case study to create promotional content. Alana has been marketing her brand in her home throughout lock down and wants to expand and branch out with shoots . I will use the products for my styling and hopefully narrow down a target market.

Week 1 – Final Year

I have started to think about how i want to approach my project and explore visual promotion. When i was in the pandemic me and my friends spoke about mental health a lot and what we were doing to help ourselves. A friend and i were both using upcycling as a way to pass the time. I redesigned a top out of old t shirts and my friend started to make bags. She was also using old materials she found in her house so she could be creative whilst staying in doors. I think it’s interesting what can be produced and marketed when everything is stripped back. She started selling a few but as lock down eased she was ordering material to create the designs she wanted. However, i had been thinking a lot about how this pause had drastically improved the environment and how quickly this will return to normal. My initial idea is to push her brand and make it known as a sustainable brand and highlighting how it began. I think i will explore branding and campaigns. Something i have been thinking a lot about it is the economy due to covid and how hard its been for my friends who are graduates to get jobs, there is a part of me that wants to keep my work as commercialised as possible to create a portfolio which will be beneficial to employers but i find it more inspiring to work with a deeper meaning of my work. In our tutorial this week we got to look at a lot of previous students work which helped me see what was expected of us. It is hard to not focus on our FMP but as i unsure what direction i want to go in so i am going to use the time for experimenting around this topic and hopefully move in the right direction.