Drawing the people in the photo

The picture feels quite haunted and the children look ghostly. I drew the people with this in mind and I like the dark linear style of them.


IMG_8805-2fmy8sm IMG_8802-1c7buok IMG_8801-uma7cv IMG_8800-10haqzl


I tried to make an animation in the style of Henrik Drescher by drawing with paintbrushes directly onto a photocopy of the photo and animating it with the dada machine (stop motion).

I like the aesthetics of the animations but I wish I had done better , more intricate drawings with the brush pens. I ran out of patience with the long process of using the dada machine.

Drawing upon inspiration project

‘Zoltar Speaks’ cards

I tried to make a Lino with the title but accidentally did the writing backwards so decided to Lino only the design and do the lettering myself. I like the grubbiness of the designs but preferred the Lino words.

Final Zoltar

We made his body out of cardboard and turned it into a booth where you can put in our homemade gold coins and receive a fortune card that somebody inside the booth with put through the slot. His arms were made of a top stuffed with newspaper and his hands were stuffed washing up gloves.

Kate’s animation of Tami playing whack’a’mole


Making the paper mache head

The shape of the eyebrows, nose and chin are effective as they are exaggerated. Would have been better if I had painted it a skin colour.

Plan for paper mache Zoltar

My plan for how to make Zoltar using household materials, cardboard and paper mache.


We brainstormed as a group about what our final outcome should be.

Ideas included:

Soundscape of our voice recordings

Horror style dramatic trailer using videos and voice recordings

3D zoltar ( fortune telling booth from the pier)

Animation of our trip to the pier

Video of snippets of our footage

Surreal video effect using ink and a bowl


We decided we wanted to do both a soundscape, video, animation and 3D Zoltar and merge them all together.We split into groups who would tackle each one.