Poster Two

Poster 2


  1. Patrick Letschka Reply

    This poster is definitely becoming more personal and the balance between your own images and referenced images is also becoming more visually interesting. The missing element is your own sketch drawing and thoughts about context. We need to talk about the figurative babies and how they relate to ‘bonding’ – this is not at all negative as there are ways they can become instrumental in developing an exciting new body of work. ‘Double skin’ is a very good working title.

  2. Patrick Letschka Reply

    There is a marked change in the information and layout of this poster in comparison with the other two. It is rich in analysis and shows exactly what the comments are referring to through well-chosen images. I particularly like the addition of a more experimental approach by adding onion rings and ceramic models – the sketches are very well placed. Your references to contemporary makers is highly appropriate and your reflective comments allows the poster to be entered at any point. Keep this format and build on it.

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