Poster number 1

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  1. Patrick Letschka Reply

    What a very good start – you have definitely have got the right idea and have chosen some appropriate title headings, especially ‘ Problems’ – could ‘Discoveries’ be added soon? Also be prepared to change these headings around as you revise the poster each week, especially when models / tests / materials start emerging. I particularly like the way you have included so many of your own images, those you have appropriated will undoubtedly change as you find your own colour language and you start drawing ideas on paper / maquettes.

    • Louise Bell Reply

      Thank you Patrick, is it ok for me to put up poster on Wednesday of this week instead of Tuesday? I think that I will have more to offer then as, due to family commitments I am a bit behind.

  2. Philippa Reply

    Yes, I agree, a really good start, Louise. I like your analytical way of proceeding. I think it would be really good to start adding some further thoughts about why and how the makers you reference are of interest. Can you pinpoint examples of what intrigues you about them, and what your critical/creative position in relation to them is? I think it might be good to start with ‘Perry – Brexit’ and see if you can start to bring out in what way your making is (or might be) influenced or informed by that.

    • Louise Bell Reply

      Thanks Philippa, I will do this for next weeks poster.

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