LG2 Reflective Statement – Professional Networking

As with previous work, this report required reaching out and networking with industry experts. However I found for this work when discussing new topics with professionals working in that industry, it required plenty of background research and understanding the basics beforehand. After weeks of reading up on cybersecurity fundamentals and information systems, I started to contact a selection of relevant individuals. I had less success than my networking attempts during LG1, with many individuals not having the time to speak with me. I was able to bounce ideas and discussion points off a colleague at work, Mark Muller who is a contracted web-developer and graphic designer. Whilst not directly in the field of cyber-security, Mark is well educated in the filed due to his work building websites, applications and databases for a variety of clients. Mark has also invested in several crypto-currencies and was an advocate for the use of blockchain networks in manufacturing when I discussed the prospect with him.

I also had a useful correspondence with Tim Rose, VP of business development at Identify3D. He was happy to answer my questions, comment on drafts of my report and sent a selection of articles and research topics to consider, even including a pre-release copy of a report his company had written in collaboration with the National Centre for Manufacturing Sciences in USA, which happened to focus on the exact same topic as my own report. Tim was kind enough to send several emails over many weeks and was a vital contact during this module.

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