Using Blockchain Networking to Secure Digital Assets

This week, whilst reading further into manufacturing specific cyber-security concerns, I came across the following TCT magazine article, written by Laura Griffiths.

Maintaining the Digital Thread – From Augmented 3D printing to Blockchain

One chapter caught my attention in particular, where the article touches on using Blockchain networks to securely host and transfer manufacturing data from designers to 3D printing service bureaus, focusing on Link3D’s flagship product ‘Digital Factory’.

In theory, the process could be revolutionary for digital manufacturing, where secure records of data transfer and modification are stored across a network of peers. The technology is most widely known as realising the recent rise of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, but the core technology could have far wider reaches than just the financial sector.

I plan to explore this idea further, which could form the basis of my proposal for the submission for this module.

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