Cheap and Ubiquitous

Be aware; skateboarding can be dangerous. Today up at, Leatherhead Skatepark, I was skating around and then came to a grinding halt as my small wheels greeted a very small stone which wouldn’t budge. My friends helped me up, but my board took a turn for the worst and snapped. Back to the skate shop for me. Lucky I can get good, quality boards for cheap as long as I know what I am looking for! #cheapboards #skate #skatelife

A Sign of the Times

It is good to see so many female skaters around Brighton and London recently. Media coverage has helped this become the norm and continuing efforts by girls like Lizzie Armanto. Meeting new people who have the same ideals within a community is great. #femaleskating #femaleskater #skate #skatelife

Hello world!

An Intro to the Blog – SkateboardingĀ  as my Laid-Back Career

Blogs can be general, but my blog will be pretty specific. I don’t want to repeat the title and site name, I think it’s obvious as to what the blog will be consisting of. It’s more why I am writing about this hobby I want to point out in this introduction.

There are a whole array of different benefits one can get from taking part in a sport or hobby. I would like to point out a few main advantages I personally gain from skateboarding specifically.

  • Socially Rewarding – One of the many dudes in the picture above has been my friend since before I started skating. Can you guess how I met all the other ones? Everyone in the picture above is from my area, and only the skaters that decided to take a skate trip to Barcelona. But, it’s like once you have a hobby you begin networking across counties with like-minded people. Because, for skateboarding, it’s nice to take trips out of your areas so you can discover new skate parks which hold new possibilities resulting in progression. Learning from and getting to know new people has been a great part of doing what I enjoy.
  • Physically Rewarding – From skateboarding I haven’t become a body builder. However on a weekly basis, I am getting a good amount of exercise from skateboarding as it works several different muscles throughout my body. The sport specifically requires coordination and balance which are useful skills in life to be practising. A great amount of endurance is learnt through the continuation of my skateboarding, as it teaches me to carry on through the pain of falling down, which intertwines with the benefit I will later comment on: Mentally Rewarding. It teaches me bravery that I can apply to life.
  • Mentally Rewarding – So combine the definition of a career (an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress) with a laid-back approach. That’s pretty much it. I have been improving on skateboarding for years, and when I see progress like in anything else it gives me a good feeling. Simple, but rewarding. As humans we are made to run, to exercise. The Achilles heel isn’t there for us to walk, sit or stand. It’s there specifically for running. I think exercise is a main part of my happiness, which skateboarding helps me to achieve. Not everyone I meet through the sport is similar to me, everyone I meet is different in ways which help me learn to love and talk to others. For me, it has broken down barriers of anxiety and fear of meeting new people.
  • Bank Account Rewarding – It’s cheap man. If you’re broke or not broke, getting a setup (board, trucks, wheels bearings) is simple. Local friendly shops lend, friends lend and if none of those apply it doesn’t matter because setups are easy to save up for. Many hobbies that come with all of these benefits can be expensive. Like super expensive. I have had the same skate shoes for a while, but they are built to last. It’s also just pretty silly to skate in new clothes, as a skater I have tried to keep the clothes I use to skate separate to ones I wear when I don’t.

ANYWAY this was probably boring. I will keep my next posts consisting of less texts with more variety of media. That way you won’t have to put in as much effort to look, and this will start to look like a better blog.

I’m Toby by the way.